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Today we wanted to share with you some superbly sartorial, delightfully dapper grooms kitted out by one of our featured tailors, Doherty Evans and Stott. So, let’s take a look and be inspired by the stories and suits of Dale, Henry and Mr Vernon. Ladies, and Gents… make room for the groom!Doherty, Evans and Stott

Introducing Mr Nolan!

Dale said ‘I do’ to Sheena on the shores of Lake Como. How romantic! He wanted a three piece suit with a Peaky Blinders vibe. peaky blinders wedding suit

The groom, along with experts at Doherty Evans and Stott, choose a standout, lightweight blue cloth in a checked wool for the jacket, trousers and double-breasted waistcoat. The six groomsmen had matching bespoke suits in a plain blue cloth.

peaky blinders wedding suit To complement his suit,  Dale wore a crisp white shirt, knitted tie, Crockett & Jones tasselled loafers (with Pantherella invisible socks!) and matching pocket square.


Dale also added a family heirloom in the form of a fob watch for a really personal touch.

Introducing Mr Pearce!

Henry and Kirsten tied the knot at a converted shipping dock on the banks of The Thames. Henry wanted a preppy, casual look, for their low-key, contemporary wedding. Doherty Evans and Stott didn’t disappoint.

After much deliberation, Henry chose a bold, cloth jacket to evoke a sense of nautical romance. His custom-made blazer boasted a textured navy and white cotton and wool cloth. For the rest of his attire, Henry kept it classic. This included an Incotex pair of trousers, bespoke waistcoat, crisp white shirt, bowtie and stylish loafers.nautical wedding suit

Introducing Mr Vernon!

Craig and Claire wed at a stylish English countryside hotel in Autumn. Mr Vernon opted for a traditional wedding suit in a colour that complemented the season.

dark green wedding suit

Doherty Evans and Stott tell us that their receive many requests for tweed wedding suits. Tweed allows for an informal, ‘sporting British’ look. Tweed can also be coarse and uncomfortable, so Doherty Evans and Stott offer a range of more comfortable fabrics that offer the best of tweed. 

Mr Vernon wore a handmade, three piece suit in a medium weight worsted cloth. Olive green was the main colour of the suit with an over check in orange and browns. 

olive green wedding suit

The suit was accessorised with a sharp white double cuffed Eton shirt, a burnt orange knitted tie and a pair of Crockett & Jones tan ‘Coniston’ boots. (We’ll add in here that Doherty Evans and Stott are the only Manchester stockists of Crockett & Jones footwear.) The suit’s woodsy and earthy tones blended in perfectly with the rural setting of the couple’s chosen venue.

Suits You Sir

We’ll leave you with a few tips from the experts at Doherty Evans and Stott.

As any good boy scout knows, being prepared is half the battle! So, do allow at least TWO MONTHS for any tailor-made wedding suit.

Go for a suit that you can use after your wedding. Suits are an expensive purchase, so make the most of it.

If you’re at a loss as to where to begin on your wedding attire journey, click here to view our step by step guide to finding the perfect wedding suit.

Doherty evens and Stott

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