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How to I Do knows a thing or two about public speaking. But even if we are used to standing up in front of large groups for a living, or just love to make impromptu speeches when a microphone is in sight, we all appreciate that a wedding speech is different. One wants to be engaging, funny, entertaining, and emotive. How to achieve the personal without getting too personal? How to entertain without causing offence (if, like us, black humour is your thing)? No longer in the days of the father of the bride being the only one likely to speak, we recognise the skill and scare-factor of a wedding speech. Therefore, we have enlisted the help of Lateef from ALB Coaching and bring you tips and tricks to nail it!wedding speech

Getting over Wedding Speech Nerves

Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking. Lateef tells us that for many people, the fear of public speaking is higher than the fear of death. Hopefully not, but Lateef has seen it all. He is well aware that for many people embarking on their wedding speech, nerves kick in, they waffle, and struggle to deliver a calm and confident speech. Help is at hand with Lateef’s simple and effective steps tips to remain cool, calm and confident and enjoy the (well deserved) applause! wedding

Nail It! Conquer that Wedding Speech

No one wants to worry about giving a wedding speech, which tends to take place towards the end of the day. No one wants to watch their wedding film and cringe. Just the mere thought of speaking in public can get people feeling dizzy! Your guests will be excited to hear what you have to say. Wouldn’t it be great if you could confidently address the room, speak clearly, make people laugh and put the icing on the cake! Lateef tells us how: 

1. Rapid State Change

“If you you are feeling the emotions of fear or anxiety, one of the the first things you could try is to change your state so you can physically calm down. Breathe. Get some oxygen into your lungs and breathe deep into your diaphragm or what the Chinese refer to as the “dan tien”, and exhale hard. Blow out and squeeze out until you can feel your abs tighten.” No abs? That’s another post! Breathing deeply and slowly is a really simple, yet incredibly effective, technique to reverse the physiological effects of anxiety.

wedding speech

2. Move

“Change from sitting to standing. If you are standing try bouncing on your toes lightly like in aerobics or boxing. If you dance, bust out a move. You are positively changing your body’s physiology and channelling that negative energy into excitement. Want to give it a go now?  Go on.. move like Jagger!”wedding dancing

3. Scream

Before the wedding, choose a power word, phrase or positive affirmation. Lateef advises: “Scream it out! It might sound weird but many vocal coaches advocate a scream out of awesomeness. Like a “Bring it on!”” Just remember, practice this without the risk of upsetting the neighbours!

4. Practise makes perfect 

Lateef tells us that if you want to conquer a fear of public speaking, then practice and safe calculated exposure are key to overcoming it. He recommends practising in front of a small group first. He advises: “Get feedback, review, reflect, and try again in front of a larger group. Keep going until you are speaking confidently in front of lots of people.”

We like this bit: “Make sure you reward yourself after each stage, associate the reward with your achievement and aim to stretch yourself just that little further the next time.” What will you choose as a reward? 

wedding speech

Further Guidance

Lateef offers a 2 hours session either face to face or online. Email Lateef@albcoaching.co.uk  to get started. later badat

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