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Another day, and another delightful love story to share! This time, it’s the turn of Esther and James who tied the knot with style and flair with their bang on trend, ultra-violet inspired wedding.cheshire wedding dunham massey

How did it all begin?

The couple met at university over 10 years ago. They started talking about herons after a night out (we kid you not!) and went to see if they could see them whilst watching the sunrise over the lake. Talk about romantic beginnings!

And so it continued. From herons at sunrise, to a modest first meal of tacos, to (some years later) a sparkly diamond ring. We LOVE that James hid the ring one New Year’s Day in a taco shell – a nod to their first ever dinner together! We also love that we could not have made this up!

Their Ultra-Violet Inspired Wedding Plans!

Esther and James wanted their ultra-violet inspired wedding to be a personal, personality-filled day that allowed them to do things their way. In their words: “We knew that by making the wedding as DIY as possible we could have amazing food, plentiful drink and a marvellous time!”bouncy castle wedding

Wedding Attire

As for her dress, Esther was pretty sure that she wanted vintage. As a dance teacher, she had a keen priority to dance the night away. She found herself in Vintage Lane Bridal Boutique in Bolton. After trying on lots of bridal gowns and with much hospitality from the mother and daughter team at this Bolton gem, Esther opted for a beautiful 60’s chiffon number. She describes it as: “comfy, no trip hazards and lovely and light.” In other words, a dancer’s dream! As for her footwear, Esther wore spectacular silver glitter platforms from & Other Stories. Her gorgeous make-up was the work of Leanne Jackson, who nailed vintage glam. Esther’s friend Jenna created a Cher-style hair do with a chopstick wand and gave Esther some seriously wild curls to match her bloomin’ marvellous flower crown! Well done team!!

James found his navy suit at an outlet at Cheshire Oaks. The best man and Esther’s dad wore their own navy suits. All the men finished their look with hand-dyed silk ties to match the bridesmaids dresses (well done Esther and her Mum!).ultra-violet inspired wedding


Esther’s 6 best friends from school were all bridesmaids. Esther loved being surrounded by them on morning of her wedding, especially when travelling to the venue and they serenaded her with classics to banish her nerves!

ultra-violet inspired wedding

Luckily for these special friends, Esther’s mum is an incredible dressmaker. She is the woman to thank behind these ultra-violet inspired wedding gowns. Each was individually designed and made out of ethereal light silk that they had hand-dyed. Esther’s 3 year old niece was also treated to a matching dress. Each gown was finished off with a silver dinosaur necklace – which was also the bride’s ‘something new’.  The look was completed with leafy crowns from our very own featured florist – Green Earth Flowers. They look like total goddesses!

The Ultra-Violet Inspired Wedding Cake!

We don’t usually follow bridesmaids with the cake-story. But there’s an exception to every rule. And in this case, the cake was so Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 inspired (yes, Ultra Violet!!!!) that we could hardly do otherwise… Simply stunning – well done to Angelacakes!

ultra-violet inspired wedding cake

Where did they tie the knot?

The venue was decided from the outset: they wanted to get married at Dunham Massey Village Hall in Cheshire. It gave them a stunning countryside setting, freedom to do things their way, and the chance to take a trip down memory lane whenever they go walking or running along the nearby canal. 

With team spirit and a lot of crafting – Esther’s mum made 1000 origami cranes to decorate the tipi with (this woman is a legend!) – they created a natural paradise. The tables were adorned with leaves, flowers, fruit and spray paint. Oh and there were a few pom-pom dinosaurs too. We can see a Dino theme emerging here….. they even had a dinosaur themed reading and place names too!

dinosaur name places wedding

With no tie-ins to particular caterers, Esther and James chose a favourite of ours, and perhaps the nation’s: fish and chips! Dodson’s Fresh Catch provided unabashedly crowd-pleasing catering.

From what we can tell, this was a ceremony to remember, personalised and personal. We love the symbolism behind handfasting (especially when it is ultra-violet inspired!). For those looking for less conventional wedding ceremonies, look no further than our recent blog about Celebrants!hand fasting wedding

Natural Wonders

Laura from our featured-florist, Green Earth Flowers, smashed the brief – to provide a cross between a children’s party and the legendary New York nightclub, Studio 54. We love the structure, textures and the joyous colour palette.


Making Memories 

Jonny Wilson took these fabulous photographs. The Bollin Morris Dancers were, in Esther’s words, “total legends!” and some of the dancers then transformed in to an epic Ceilidh band called Neezupp for the evening entertainment. When we asked about extra special memories of the day, Esther recalls that it was dancing with James and the Morris dancers: “It was magic to look around to see all of our guests joining in, laughing and having a smashing time in the sunshine!” 

bollin morris dancers

Morris dancing weddingFor favours, the couple chose ‘forget me not pins’ from Alzheimer’s Society, a charity that means a lot to them. 

Parting Words

Esther and James clearly had a cracking ultra-violet inspired wedding day that was heartfelt, spirited and inclusive. We asked them for advice to our future couples: “Don’t worry about traditions and what other people may say or think, the little quirks that make your day personal will be the things people remember!”

Well said, you two. 

ultra violet inspired wedding

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