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The confetti shot is a classic, and definitely one of our favourites. These pictures evoke joy and spontaneity (even if, on the latter point, a photographer may feel differently!). In our world of increasing environmental awareness, eco-friendly confetti becomes a must. Thanks to Adamapple, a Blackpool based confetti business, couples can be eco-aware without losing any petal power. Dried petal confetti couldn’t be more natural and earth friendly. The environment and wildlife that surrounds us couldn’t agree more.

Dried petal confetti

Introducing Adamapple’s Eco-Friendly Confetti

Adamapple is the brain child of Adam and Jen, a husband and wife team based in sunny Blackpool. They started back in 2014, punching hearts from vintage sheet music maps in their back room. The business has grown over the last 5 years and now offers fabulous eco-friendly confetti. They make beautiful, ethically sourced, and biodegradable confetti. Now Adam and Jen work from a rural setting just in Westby just outside Blackpool in a beautiful studio barn conversion. A far cry from the back room where they started!

Eco-friendly Confetti

What makes Adamapple stand out from the crowd?

Adam and Jen tell us: “Our main ethos at Adamapple was always about (and still is) being inclusive for everyone wanting a HOORAY! Regardless of taste, gender, sexuality or budget. We believe that confetti is about creating a moment, memories to share with loved ones on the most important day of your life. The confetti shot is a timeless treasured tradition that signifies the end of the formalities of the day and is the beginning of the celebration.” HOORAY to that!

Adamapple confetti

Why was Adamapple set up?

Adam and Jen got married in 2013. They pretty much designed, styled and created their big day at Mitton Hall, Clitheroe. This sparked their interest in and love of the wedding industry.

Mr Apple aka Adam, has always been noticed for his creative talents. Even the Queen invited him to her garden party in honour of a creative project he completed whilst working as a furniture maker back in the day! Mrs Apple worked as a well-respected and talented nurse who was known for her caring yet no nonsense leadership and management skills. The birth of their son Clarke (yes, after Superman) in 2014 gave them the perfect opportunity for a change in lifestyle. Clarke has been playing in confetti ever since.

Natural confetti

Any tips on making weddings more eco-friendly?

Our first tip is to obviously ensure wedding confetti is biodegradable. Secondly, check with suppliers that they are using eco sustainable card and paper when creating your all important wedding stationery. Third, recycle and upcycle where possible. Go vintage by incorporating special items or heirlooms and use potted plants instead of cut flowers.

wedding confetti

The Petal Power and Happiness

Adam and Jen remind us all to soak up the (eco-friendly) confetti moment. “Look at the guests, especially  the children. The faces of the people surrounding the newlyweds are always the best, as they show such happiness and excitement. We have a wall of fame along the corridor in our studio and the images on that bring a smile to our faces each and every time we walk along it.” Who is up for the wall of fame? We are!

Natural petals for weddings

Thank you to Adamapple for sharing their incredible petal power. Thanks also to Rachel Ryan Photography for these gorgeous pictures. 

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